Membership Information

Read below to find out more regarding the benefits and responsibilities of GSCC members, along with information on how to join. You can even pay your annual dues online at the bottom!

Member Benefits

The Greater Seattle Choral Consortium serves its members through a variety of benefits that reflects our mission to promote choral music in our region. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Online Calendar: A comprehensive listing of all the concerts and events hosted by each of our member organizations. Member and event information is kept up to date by each member through our online GIGS system.
  • Member and Event Pages: Each choral member receives a page on this website. In addition, each event registered in our database also receives a page that is linked to from our online calendar.
  • Social Media Marketing: All member concert events are advertised via both Facebook and X/Twitter. In addition, we regularly promote “featured members” to help raise awareness of all our member organizations.
  • Participation in GSCC Special Events: Every 2–3 years, the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium puts on the Seattle Sings festival, showcasing the incredible talents of our member choirs. Only active GSCC members are invited to participate in this special event.
  • Sunday Sessions: Periodically throughout the year, GSCC will host guest speakers to talk to consortium members about a wide range of topics.
  • Mailing List: Members can engage in conversations via our email distribution list Ongoing topics of interest may include:
    • networking
    • rehearsal and performance space information
    • fundraising
    • public relations and advertising
    • audience development
    • ticket discounts for members of the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium

Member Responsibilities

The minimum requirements for membership in the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium include the following:

  • Annual Dues: Dues are currently $50 annually for Choral Members and $25 annually for non-voting Associate Members. Member dues are needed by January 1 of each year, with collection starting in the previous October. You will receive an invoice and reminder from the GSCC Treasurer when the dues collection period begins.
  • Website Badges: All member organizations are asked to include a small “badge,” or graphic, on their website, indicating that they are proud members of the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium. You can see the badge graphic to the right here.
  • Keep Organization Information Up To Date: Each Choral Member will be responsible for designating one or more contacts from their organization whose responsibility is to keep the organization's information up to date in our GIGS database. All member contacts will have access to the GIGS database system and any GSCC members-only content.
  • Annual Meeting Attendance: The Annual Meeting of the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium is typically held each in January. Choral Members are asked to send at least one representative to the Annual Meeting.

Please remember that the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium is a volunteer organization. The success of our mission can only be achieved through your ongoing cooperation and enthusiasm!

How to Join

Choral Membership is available to any independent organization active in the performance of choral music. All member choirs must be legally located in Washington State, and must hold their rehearsals and main-stage concerts within the geographic area bounded by the Cascade Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, Bellingham, and Olympia.

We also offer Associate Memberships to individuals and other entities affiliated with the choral community.

  • Dues for Choral Members are $50 per year.
  • Dues for Associate Members are $25.

Choirs or individuals wishing to join the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium should contact us at

Apply for/Renew Your Membership Online

To apply for membership or renew your membership, use our online application and payment system.