GSCC Member Event

"The Sun Never Says"
featuring Eli Weinberger, cellist

Hosting Ensemble: Bellevue Chamber Chorus
Event Type: Special Performance
Ticket Prices: Free
Event Dates:
Tuesday, December 15, 2020Dec 15, 2020, 7:30pm at Online Event (Link in description)


“The Sun Never Says” is part of a larger work by Dan Forrest that features a rarely set text illustrating what it means to truly give without seeking returns. With its beautiful harmony and rich texture for cello (played by Eli Weinberger) and choir, it is no surprise this piece has grown in popularity. Bellevue Chamber Chorus is excited to premiere this virtual recording on our official YouTube channel and Facebook page, as our holiday gift to our audiences with its message of selflessness and love.

"The Sun Never Says". "The Sun Never Says" by Dan Forrest
"The Sun Never Says". "The Sun Never Says" by Dan Forrest
Bellevue Chamber Chorus. Bellevue Chamber Chorus, December 2019
Bellevue Chamber Chorus. Bellevue Chamber Chorus, December 2019