GSCC Member Event

The Making of the Drum
by Bob Chilcott for choir and percussion

Hosting Ensemble: Cora Voce
Event Type: Concert
Ticket Prices: Adults $20, Seniors $18, Students Free
Event Dates:
Saturday, April 2, 2022Apr 2, 7:30pm at Mason United Methodist Church, Tacoma, WA
Sunday, April 3, 2022Apr 3, 3:30pm at Longview Community Church, Longview, WA


In 1984 Bob Chilcott visited Uganda, where a drum maker made him a beautiful drum with a snakeskin head. The poems five short poems by Edward Kamau Brathwaite are a celebration of how the spirit of the drum is brought to life. 1. The Skin, 2. The Barrel of the Drum, 3. The Two Curved Sticks of the Drummer, 4. Gourds and Rattles, and 5. The Gong-Gong.

The Making of the Drum. Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash
The Making of the Drum. Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash
Cora Voce
Cora Voce