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Musical Singalong on Zoom
Your favorite Broadway musicals in your own home

Hosting Ensemble: Magnolia Chorale
Event Type: Sing-Along
Ticket Prices: Free
Event Dates:
Sunday, July 12, 2020Jul 12, 2020, 7:00pm at Online Event (Link in description)


Missing singing lately? Magnolia Chorale is offering members and guests a singalong of your favorite Broadway musical hits. We will have a Zoom call so we can see each other. After a little warm up to dust off the pipes, we will sing along to the accompaniment. Feel free to make lots of mistakes! Since we will all be on mute we won’t get to hear your voice but we will be able to see your efforts. All singers welcome!

Musical Singalong on Zoom
Musical Singalong on Zoom
Magnolia Chorale. Performance of "Common Ground" in December 2018
Magnolia Chorale. Performance of "Common Ground" in December 2018