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L'Histoire d'Ys, A Virtual Legend
The Story of Y's

Hosting Ensemble: Medieval Women's Choir
Event Type: Concert
Ticket Prices: $12 per family
Event Dates:
Saturday, June 5, 2021Jun 5, 2021, 7:00pm at Online Event (Link in description)


An online event taken from a concert performed by the Medieval Women's Choir and narrated by artistic director Eric Mentzel . From Plato’s description of Atlantis to Lerner and Loewe’s portrayal of Brigadoon, the idea of the lost city has captured the human imagination across millennia. One of the most compelling is the story of Ys, a city built in the early middle ages behind sturdy dykes and sea walls on the coast of Brittany. It quickly became a center of sin and debauchery and was eventually, in an act of divine retribution, reclaimed by the sea. For this production, we use archival recordings from our musical telling of the “Histoire d’Ys,” combined with a newly created narrative and a rich tapestry of images both ancient and modern to bring this medieval legend to life.

L'Histoire d'Ys,  A Virtual Legend. Graphics by Thabata Regiani
L'Histoire d'Ys, A Virtual Legend. Graphics by Thabata Regiani
Medieval Women's Choir. Medieval Women's Choir at St. James. All photos by Ailisa Newhall.
Medieval Women's Choir. Medieval Women's Choir at St. James. All photos by Ailisa Newhall.