GSCC Member Event

Guest Night
A special rehearsal to welcome chorus guests and intorduce them to Barbershop singing

Event Type: Open House
Ticket Prices: Free
Event Dates:
Tuesday, January 17, 2017Jan 17, 2017, 7:30pm at Queen Anne Baptist Church, Seattle, WA


Two times a year, we hold a Guest Night to invite and welcome men who are interested in finding out what Barbershop music and the SeaChordsmen are all about. No advance notice is required - just show up by 7:30 PM and enjoy a SeaChordsmen rehearsal geared to our guests. There is no obligation involved. Just come and get to know us. And, of course, sing with us!

Guest Night
Guest Night
Seattle SeaChordsmen Barbershop Chorus. Singing the National Anthem at a Mariners game, September 2016
Seattle SeaChordsmen Barbershop Chorus. Singing the National Anthem at a Mariners game, September 2016