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Byrd & Wyers

Hosting Ensemble: Cascadian Chorale
Event Type: Concert
Event Dates:
Saturday, March 23, 2019Mar 23, 7:30pm at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Medina, WA
Sunday, March 24, 2019Mar 24, 3:30pm at Church of the Holy Cross, Redmond, WA


We present two major works: one ancient, one modern. William Byrd wrote his "Mass for Four Voices" while a Catholic hiding from Elizabethan oppression, and his deep devotion is clear in this richly sonorous masterpiece. More recently, Seattle composer Giselle Wyers has collected seven poetic texts into "And All Shall Be Well", a meditation on the legacy that persists after death. Both of these works triumph over their somber histories with brightness, optimism, and joy.

Cascadian Chorale
Cascadian Chorale