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A Sequestered World
Love, contemplation and ecstasy behind the cloister walls

Hosting Ensemble: Medieval Women's Choir
Event Type: Concert
Ticket Prices: Advance:$25/Door:$30 /Students/youth:$15
Event Dates:
Saturday, June 6, 2020Jun 6, 8:00pm at St. James Cathedral, Seattle, WA


Accustomed as we are to our bustling, secular lives, it can be difficult to imagine the richness of the world that developed behind the walls of the medieval cloister. Although they were under the absolute authority of the church, women there enjoyed an agency and self-direction that were hard to come by on the outside. Their most meaningful personal relationships and an often-profound spiritual renewal were tied to that community, and this autonomous life spawned religious practices and unique musical repertoires that are little-known today. Through their music, the MWC takes you behind the walls to experience the metaphysical landscape of the sequestered life.

A Sequestered World
A Sequestered World
Medieval Women's Choir. Medieval Women's Choir at St. James. All photos by Ailisa Newhall.
Medieval Women's Choir. Medieval Women's Choir at St. James. All photos by Ailisa Newhall.