GSCC Member Event

2nd Semester Auditions Open Now

Hosting Ensemble: Bellevue Youth Choirs
Event Type: Audition
Ticket Prices: $25 audition fee
Event Dates:
Monday, December 20, 2021Dec 20, 2021, 4:30pm at (Venue To Be Announced)


New singers 3rd grade and up are invited to audition for the Intermezzo or Premier Choirs with Bellevue Youth Choirs! Each 30 minute audition with Artistic Director Nicholas Gorne involves having your child sing some simple patterns that will identify their range and voice quality as well as their ability to attend and have an open mind. Audition with BYC and start singing with us on January 10! We will reach out to schedule an audition once we receive your audition fee.

2nd Semester Auditions Open Now. Pinehurst Photography.
2nd Semester Auditions Open Now. Pinehurst Photography.
Bellevue Youth Choirs. photos by Ailisa Newhall, Pinehurst Photography
Bellevue Youth Choirs. photos by Ailisa Newhall, Pinehurst Photography