GSCC Member Event

Requiem of Resistance: Verdi's Requiem
honoring the Jewish prisoners who sang "Messa da Requiem" at the Terezin concentration camp

Hosting Ensemble: Seattle Peace Chorus
Event Type: Concert
Ticket Prices: $20


Music honoring the Jewish diaspora:

* Messa da Requiem, by Giuseppe Verdi

* Traditional Jewish songs

This stirring music will honor the strength of the human spirit and the power of music to keep that spirit alive during the darkest times. Giuseppe Verdi’s Messa Requiem was memorized and performed by prisoners in the Theresienstadt Nazi concentration camp.

Requiem of Resistance: Verdi's Requiem. Political graffiti "Viva Verdi"
Requiem of Resistance: Verdi's Requiem. Political graffiti "Viva Verdi"
Seattle Peace Chorus. For the opening of the photographic exhibit “The Cuban 5 Return: An Entire Country Celebrates”
Seattle Peace Chorus. For the opening of the photographic exhibit “The Cuban 5 Return: An Entire Country Celebrates”