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Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Song
A timeline of choral works from Gutenberg to the present celebrating First Amendment freedoms

Hosting Ensemble: Seattle Peace Chorus
Event Type: Concert
Ticket Prices: $26 at the door; $22 in advance; $20 seniors, students, special needs
Event Dates:


A timeline of choral works from the time of Gutenberg to the present, celebrating the freedoms guaranteed to us in the First Amendment. We champion courageous journalists. Featuring the Jovino Santos Neto Jazz Quintet. Choral works range from early music by Josquin des Prez to "My Spirit is Uncaged" with the poetry of Walt Whitman, newly composed spoken word compositions by Frederick N. West, and universal songs of resistance to oppression.

Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Song
Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Song
Seattle Peace Chorus. For the opening of the photographic exhibit “The Cuban 5 Return: An Entire Country Celebrates”
Seattle Peace Chorus. For the opening of the photographic exhibit “The Cuban 5 Return: An Entire Country Celebrates”