GSCC Member Event

CŌNFIDŌ - the reimagined mass
the certainty from ritual

Hosting Ensemble: The Esoterics
Event Type: Concert
Ticket Prices: $25 general admission ($22 in advance); $18 student/senior ($15 in advance)
Event Dates:
Friday, AprilApr 13, 8:00pm at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Seattle, WA
Saturday, AprilApr 14, 8:00pm at Holy Rosary Church, Seattle, WA
Sunday, AprilApr 15, 7:00pm at Christ Episcopal Church, Tacoma, WA


CONFIDO will present three secular masses and an additional piece:

Missa Charles Darwin, setting excerpts from Darwin's works alongside classic Latin mass texts, by Greg Brown

Missa Tiburtina and Petite messe solitaire, by British composer Giles Swayne

Island in space, an setting of dona nobis pacem alongside an astronaut's description of the earth, by Kirke Mechem

The Esoterics. The Esoterics' INTIMAS, April 2017
The Esoterics. The Esoterics' INTIMAS, April 2017